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Saturday, February 27, 2010


About 2 yrs ago, our family friends ( who were deeper life christians<>) were about to get married...and then I started thinking, what kinda music would they have on their ''first night'' of passion...u get what I mean abi?? I meant that, after all those years of holding their Konji in, they would finally get to kpansh, to bump and grind, to ride the pony, to spank each other(incase they are freaks)...
So, really what kinda person are you. Person in the sense that do you strive to please others, or are you an attention seeker?? Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Are you a tea person or a coffee person? Are you a babana lady or a cucumber lady(Deviating again....)LOL
The lord of the wedding ring 2 will be coming out shortly...I have to finish my thesis sha...


Ruined Yukos seeks billions from Russia at rights court

    © –°ollage by RIA Novos
    Executives from defunct oil giant Yukos told Europe‘s top rights court Thursday that Russia had waged an illegal campaign to drive the company to bankruptcy, in a multi-billion-dollar claim, Agence France Presse reported.

    Former Yukos bosses and stakeholders asked the court to award them 98 billion dollars in compensation (72 billion euros), the largest sum ever sought in a case before the European Court of Human Rights.

    Their lawyers contended the Russian state acted illegally when it unleashed a barrage of measures against what was then Russia‘s biggest company, starting with injunctions in 2000 and culminating with the firm‘s liquidation in 2007.

    Yukos founder Mikhail Khodorkovsky, formerly Russia‘s richest man, is serving an eight-year sentence for a fraud and tax evasion conviction in 2005 but his legal troubles appear far from over.

    ”This was an expropriation by any other name,” Yukos lawyer Piers Gardner told the court in Strasbourg at the opening of the one-day hearing.

    It was the first time in the decade-long saga that Yukos and Russian lawyers met face-to-face in an independent court, whose ruling will be binding on Russia as a member country.

    The seven-judge panel began deliberations almost immediately after the hearing and is expected to deliver a ruling later this year.

    ”Yukos‘ contention is that it fulfilled its responsibilities and paid its taxes just as any other taxpayer would,” Gardner told a news conference following the brief, three-hour hearing.

    ”At the end of 2003, out of a virtually clear-blue sky, everything changed. There are political elements to this change,” he said.

    The lawyer argued that Moscow authorities moved with ”speed and ferocity” against Yukos, seizing assets worth 33 billion euros to settle a tax bill of 2.8 billion euros.

    Lawyers for the Russian state retorted that Yukos‘s claim was groundless and urged the rights court to reject it while maintaining Moscow‘s view that the firm was engaged in massive tax fraud in the early 2000s.

    Moscow‘s action against Yukos, they argued, was in the public interest.

    The court is to decide whether Russia violated Yukos managers‘ rights to property, rights to a fair trial and rights to be shielded from arbitrary legal proceedings, all of which are enshrined in the European convention.

    The Yukos case and Khodorkovsky‘s plight have been held up by some critics of the Kremlin as examples of Moscow‘s ruthlessness in dealing with businesses that refuse to toe its line.

    Khodorkovsky‘s supporters have long argued that the charges were trumped up to jail the tycoon in revenge for daring to finance the opposition when Prime Minister Vladimir Putin was president.

    But Russia insists the businessman and his partners are guilty of massive financial crimes stemming from the controversial privatisation deals of the 1990s.

    Founded in 1993, Yukos declared bankruptcy in 2006 and its assets were sold at auction in 2007.

    On the eve of the Strasbourg case, Khodorkovsky claimed in an opinion piece published in a Russian newspaper that the justice system was being used to steal property from businessmen.

    ”Until you‘ve found yourself in the paws of the system, you know nothing about it. The system is essentially a united enterprise whose business is legalised violence,” Khodorkovsky wrote in Nezavisimaya Gazeta daily.

    In a related case, the Strasbourg court ruled in 2007 that Russia had violated the rights of Platon Lebedev, Khodorkovsky‘s associate at Yukos, and awarded him 3,000 euros in damage.

    Khodorkovsky, 46, has been on trial in Moscow since April on fresh charges of embezzling millions of tons of oil and money laundering that could see him jailed for another two decades.

    Both Khodorkovsky and Lebedev have served jail time in the bleak Siberian province of Chita.

    When 2 hearts beat as...Fool..You thought i would say one abi??

    The first time I lost my virginity, I lost it in the most romantic way, and subsequently, I got my heart broken in the worst way by the same person !!
    Yes ooh, guyz get their hearts broken and that is why that bros hasn't yet proposed to you.
    Yes, You, the chick who is always bothering that guy to marry you, the one who is always asking for a commitment after going out for 2 months, introducing a guy you haven't dated for up to a year to ur parents....ehen you wan deny abi??
    Time to deviate: I had this summer fling once lets call her Aysha. She had legs that once you look, you immediately start guessing what kinda panties she is wearing(real talk). Anyhow sha, my Pale(pops) used to work for her Pale and mehn, it was hate at first sight. She initially used to snub me, even when i tried to be friendly; You know naaw, you gats help ur pops. So, i went for the she don't exist routine, and lemme say that of all the times I have stupidly tried it out, that was the 1st time it ever worked on anyone.OOh, did I forget to mention that I was about 15 years old then??And she was bout 16.
    My bearbear(beard) had about 4 strands of hair that I guarded jealously, Heck, I once threatened to rain down the Fire from Heaven on my younger brother for "allegedly'' touching them. You can't imagine this foolish girl's younger sister had the guts to pluck at them as if ehn? I vexed soo much. The next time around, Aysha herself was ready for me.
    The twat ignored me so much, but when I went to their private living room to ask her why, I saw her crying on the land fone(GSM never reash 9ja then). So, I decided to talk to her:

    FOOLISH ME: Hey you what's wrong?
    AYSHA: Mind your business(as in eh, she roger me down no be small)
    FOOLISH ME, AGAIN: Erm, I am sure that as long as nobody died, what ever you are going through can't be that bad, unless you have terminal cancer sha
    AYSHA: Are you trying to be funny and cute? Didn't you hear me the first time?? Mind your business.
    I turned around as quickly as possible, muttered some hot yabs quietly and was about to leave when she told me to pls stay.
    AYSHA: Pls stay, actually the joke was kinda funny, but I wonder how guys can be so rude. Some one that I spent my valuable time on, kissed another girl and I let him back(P.S:remember that wen we were tenagers, kissing someone else is like u have knacked the entire ashewo squad at Zone 4) And the moron just told me on the phone that we are over.

    She continued crying sha, and then her popsy burst in on us with me sitting close to his daughter, holding her in my scrawny arms(which had like half bicep, lol), and said:
    Surprisingly, Aysha told him exactly what happened and sha from there on, he ordered me to take care of his daughter.
    >>>>>>>>>>FAST FORWARD 1 MONTH LATER>>>>>>
    Myself and Aysha did a lotta stuff together, we went for parties together, went to church(Aysha na fine name even for Christian jor), I even helped her do her assignment. I wasn't surprised when I started tripping like a fowl. She also kinda started acting like a lady near me.
    Eventually, one boring Thursday, we played a game of truth or dare that led to the both of us being naked and sha, one thing led to another and BAM!!! Sharp-guy lost his you know what.

    To be sincere, the first time was not what I expected esp. since she was the "pro". I hope I get a do-over sometime in the future....shit, my lappy battery is running low, I shall proceed to charge it(one of my stupid paddys talk say I dey blow tiaun for dis blog, shey na tru??)

    Friday, February 26, 2010

    Lord of the Wedding Ring...

    Mayne, the rate at which I go for weddings needs to reduce.....abi i be gay???(absolutely not by the way!!!) I brought this formula with me as I was coming back from 9ja which enables me to go for as much weddings as possible, and of course, at a cheaper rate....hehe
    The thing is that I have the words(Groomsman) written all over my forehead...I think because person wey never see me for like 4 yrs still invite me come her wedding.In fact, I need to deviate from my original post into this......
    3 yrs ago, when I was about to finish uni, there was this babe ti o dun, omo ti o bad, sezzy, bad ass mamacita, in fact, lemme stop heaping praises on her cuz mehn, she fine no be small.(my mouth was watering while typing this, and i was getting horny as well.)
    So, this lovely lady (Naomi) wanted a brother to tutor her and I agreed to do that with all pleasure. After three hours of trying to explain stock market patterns, I told her that I wantd to get a sandwich. She told me to chill, went into the bathroom, came out in this cute big t-shirt and then proceeded to make me a meal(I mean, i am not chavunistic), but then damn, anyone who makes me a meal of anykind(i mean i consider garri, sugar and water as a meal too) is good enough to get 'it'.
    Like a puppy, i followed naomi to the kitchen and got this kiss-her urge which i did and mehn, it felt good. We kissed and promptly dashed for her room, and then, it was knacking, sleeping, knacking, sleeping,ooh i still ate my sandwich later...
    Now imagine being invited to her wedding.......will continue after...but i dey vexx sha, cuz nodoby wan comment....


    OOh yes ooh, I am back in JD....A few days back, me and my mate went out for a drink, hoping to catch a match along the way too. After making conscious effort to look good, I met dude already going googoo eyes for this random whitey. As I made my way towards them, I noticed the knockers on shawty( did I hear someone say BOBBIE/ARA), and I started to see what ma guy was really interested in the lady for..... Me??
    Well, i started thinking bout my favourite body part in a lady. Most people go for nyash as par the roundness, symmetry and soft ''agege bread/thick feeling cannot be matched anywhere else on her body...
    BUt in all fairness, The attackers are beautiful, can't be fondled anyhow, are given this sense of reverence. When i was younger(about 13 yrs old), i had this best friend who was a girl. UNtil we were about 14, i treated her like a guy, we played bball together, hung out together, hell, even "tried smoking" together; but when I noticed those 2 mounds growing on her chest, I started giving her this rep, started opening doors that i would have shut and even holding her gently.
    Two months later, I kissed her, thus activating my "GAME". ......She Gave Birth to A Moster(in the typical nollywood soundtrack, DUM!DUM!DUM!)
    Whether you be Nyash man or you be Boobie Man, the koko be say, make sure na woman you like and treat her right.

    Thursday, February 18, 2010

    This love thing

    It seems like you can't go anywhere without coming across or hearing about a new reality dating show where (insert random celebrity with not much to lose here) looking for "love." I'm not sure why we really tune in. We know that the celebrity and the "contestants" vying for his or her love aren't really looking for love. They're looking for notoriety. Yet, we keep coming back every week because we think that people will change and love will eventually bloom and take hold.

    Unfortunately, love rarely does, if it even does so at all. The reunion shows always tend to reveal some level of dissatisfaction, and in some cases the relationships were over way before the reunion show even tapes. Yet, celebrity after celebrity keeps running to attach themselves to these shows. Even former contestants get shows (Tiffany "New York" Pollard and Frank "The Entertainer" come to mind).
    Ray J: Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places?

    Last year, Ray J (Brandy's brother and singer in his own right) jumped into the fray and got his own show Vh1 "For the Love of Ray J." That show just wrapped its second season last week with a reunion show. In the first season, he picked a Joanna "Cocktail" Hernandez, someone who was deemed a "gold digger" from her first stint on reality show "The Bad Girls Club." Were we surprised that just a few months after the first season ended; reports came flooding in that they were broken up? Fast forward to last week's reunion, in which Cocktail returned to taunt season two winner Mz. Berry by saying she actually saw Ray J recently. Mz. Berry indicated that she hadn't seen Ray in five months.

    The ensuing video is vile, with Ray J accusing Cocktail of losing him because she didn't know how to set boundaries in the relationship, so he didn't either. He calls her all kinds of expletives and appears genuinely upset that she would tell the truth about his ways not only on television, but to Mz. Berry. Let's not forget that earlier in the show, he basically lamented that he hadn't chosen another contestant called Jaguar!

    This is not the first time this has happened, and it won't be the last. I would say that Ray J is just using these women, but that's not fair, because they are using him just as he was using them. Cocktail doesn't seem to be hurt at all, and is making a little "name" for herself (if you would call it that) in celebreality-dom. Mz. Berry I am sure won't be hurt for long either as she has probably gained enough notoriety for her modeling career.

    Ray J wasn't looking for love on his show; he was looking for attention, and more fame. Had love sprouted for him and one of the women, that would've been an added bonus, but the only love he was looking for, was the kind of love that comes with paid appearances at nightclubs and paparazzi.

    Nobody should look for love on television because they won't find it. Ray J, Flava Flav, Brett Michaels, and all the others definitely knew this. Don't let them fool you. The kind of folks that say they are looking to seduce and fall in love with a celebrity on television aren't the kind of folks that you want to be in a relationship. They're chasing a thrill, and real loves loses its thrill sometimes, but it gives way to something way more valuable and precious: simple satisfaction.

    Ray J was able to dismiss these women easily because he did not get attached, and had no intentions of getting attached in the first place. The same goes for the women. It must be saddening for Ray J to have realized that not one of those women was there for love, but for fame first, maybe love after.

    Truth is, finding love is best done in private, and will usually be successfully discovered away from cameras and production assistants who willingly provide tons of alcohol and inspire tons of drama. Real love isn't something that just develops with some makeup artists, lighting and eager cameras. No amount of fame or money is going to influence love.

    Saturday, February 13, 2010

    I never had a fight with Jim Iyke -Emeka Ike, Nollywood actor

    I never had a fight with Jim Iyke -Emeka Ike, Nollywood actor


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    Emeka Ike

    Nollywood actor, Emeka Ike claims to be the president of a faction of the Actors Guild of Nigeria. In this interview with ‘NONYE BEN NWANKWO, he talks about the crisis in AGN and his alleged quarrel with colleague, Jim Iyke. Would it be proper to call you the president of the Actors Guild of Nigeria?

    By election and by every form of legality, I am the AGN president.

    But we hear you were nominated Vice president of AGN and Segun Arinze as the president?

    Who is nominating who?

    The Board of Trustees, we gathered, nominated you.

    The BoT expired in 2008. Their expiration is an open secret. The only alternative they had was to conduct a new election and hand over to the next president to re-arrange the industry and appoint new BoTs. The game they are playing by causing all this confusion, is just for them to stay longer. I will not be a party to a make-shift cabinet.

    Why do you think the BoT decided to let sleeping dogs lie and retain Segun Arinze as president?

    I don‘t know. That is the question I ask myself. What makes a man to turn around from his resolute point? What makes a man to say one word today and another one tomorrow? They were the ones that invited Kanayo.O. Kanayo and I. They invited KOK as the chairman of the interim government to come and assist because we thought the chaos was coming from Ejike Asiegbu‘s camp. We thought it was Ejike that was destroying and disturbing the industry. They invited us to come and help and to tell Ejike to do the right thing. They called me to join the caretaker committee and I said no. I wanted to watch what was happening. That was my position. When it was two weeks to go, people had already bought forms to contest for the election. I paid N80,000. Some other people paid money for different positions. You came and said we should not hold any election again. That was when you decided you wanted a government of national unity. I began to see the handwriting on the wall. I began to see that somebody was more interested in this guild than the practitioners. That was the resolute point where I stood my ground. This whole thing has been narrowed down to the same BoT. Ejike might not be wrong after all. They want to make a stooge and use him. They have been doing that for ten years. We need to move ahead whether they are there or not. Why should they come to tell me to be a vice president? For what?

    But is the situation better, now that the guild is split into factions?

    If we can‘t get the right thing from AGN, we will not remain with a guild that lacks integrity. It is paramount at this point that we stand up to say whether AGN is to be or not to be. If we need to work with this AGN, we go ahead, we structure it and we work with it. If we don‘t want to work with AGN, we move ahead and begin to operate so that people will not be taking the benefits of our efforts. I am sure that those people taking the benefits of our efforts are the ones at the head of this whole crisis.

    It was alleged that one very important personality gave you a large sum of money to fight for the AGN presidency. How true is it?

    Who is this politician? It would be nice if you could mention his name so that he would read this and know whether you are saying the truth. This is an information you are giving me. This is their apparatus. They just want scandal, malicious scandal. I have not stepped into the office. I have not signed any paper so far. I have not seen any governor. If I have seen anybody in power, the person is just my personal friend and we saw on personal business. I have not done any business with anybody in governance in the last one year. So where is this story coming from? It is just their weapon of war. They paint you as black as they are so you can all be in the same black shade. Nobody has given me a dime. I don‘t belong to the group that goes around to beg for peanuts. We have an agenda. When we are set, we will present them, we will follow them up properly and achieve them. Why would a governor ‘dash‘ me one million naira? Did I lose my mother? Is my wife in coma? Do I have a terminal illness that would warrant me needing assistance? They just want to run me down. But beyond that, the whole guild knows that it is malicious. The story is just baseless.

    Now that the guild is in disarray, what do you think you can achieve?

    We are achieving lots of things. We have the state chapters on our side. We have the big actors on our side. What we are praying for is lasting peace. Inasmuch as I know I would forge ahead, I still would want my brother around so that we can do it the right way.

    Who is your brother?

    Segun Arinze. I am giving him some space and I want him to take advantage of the space. If he doesn‘t take advantage of the space, we move on. We will not wait for him. How long are we going to keep on licking the remnants of the pots? Why don‘t we eat the real meal? We are moving on. We have programmes that are very formidable and we are starting very soon.

    How come you decided to run for the AGN presidency?

    We all know this job. Do you know how many actors that call me everyday from Zamfara and other states telling me they want to get involved? I have been so critical of the way things are. Why are artistes working around without contracts? How do you get royalties to be paid? Of course, some people do not want those royalties to be paid. That is what we are suffering. I looked at it, because I am involved, because I am regarded in this industry as a Godfather, because I am respected, I should not let the guild down. This industry will take care of our children‘s children yet unborn. My son might want to be a lead actor tomorrow. There should be enabling conditions that are left by people like us. I am acting on the impulse of the Tsunami that has been on the ground. That is why I am involved.

    But some people feel that you decided to get involved in other to remain relevant in the industry because nobody offers you roles anymore.

    That is too cheap. How much roles do I need? The industry was terminated a long time ago when you stopped hearing of Idumota, Pound Road Aba and Upper Iweka. It was truncated then when I was making noise about Emeka Mba trying to kill our industry. Nobody answered me. People felt I was just expressing my own personal feelings. But right now, movies are not being shot. The ones shot are being shot by the Alaba boys. They would shoot a one part film and divide it into four parts. I don‘t want to be a part of that. I am clear in my statement. I am not a man that says one word and does another thing. By the time you bring a good story and slit it into three different stories, it would lack focus and message. That is not the home video I know. When you bring such scripts to me, I tell you to go and get my boys. For me, I took the back bench, not because I have stopped shining, not because they stopped bringing scripts to me, but I have to be sure the movies are just in two parts. Whoever is saying that is just talking trash. If I am no longer acting, don‘t I have other businesses that are putting food on my table? AGN does not have an account. Even if there is an account, you are not sure there is 50 naira there. So how would that be my ambition or my hope to stay alive? It is not.

    Do you support Emeka Mba‘s reforms?

    I will not be because his reforms have not shown any feasibility. You want to bring in a new chicken to lay golden eggs. Allow the old chicken to lay its own eggs so there would be room for competition. Competition drives the world. Do not try to pack up existing product to start a new one. That was my message. But Emeka kept moving on because he had the government on his side and he had the so called producers on his side. They (producers) were the ones that sold our rights cheaply to African Magic. They didn‘t consult us. They were the ones that went and borrowed money from big banks and they never paid back as such, scaring away sponsors from us. They are the same ones that carry out illicit transactions with the guild and the industry. These producers would collect money from marketers and shoot a movie that is more or less, rubbish. Then the marketers decided that since the money is their own, they may as well see how the money is being used. We started earning those big money when the marketers took over. They came to operate the business on a normal business terrain. Things improved. But they kept calling the marketers illiterates. You that is literate, what have you done for the industry? How many of them in that Producers Guild, have shot a movie in the last 15 or 10 years? Now we celebrate the cinemas today, who are the ones taking Nigerian movies to the cinemas? Desmond Elliot is an actor. Emem Isong is in the creative department. Stephnie Okereke is an actor. We are still the ones doing these things. The producers are just running around creating ideas to rip off people. I hear of the 12 ambassadors progamme on TV with some flabby things coming to say that they are the new faces in the industry. Who told them that Nigerians are tired of the old faces? Why the interest of terminating the old faces. How has his board affected the industry?

    Some of your colleagues were made ambassadors of a multi-national company. Some people said you were not chosen because you were involved in scandals

    There is no star that has not been associated with a scandal. There just can‘t be stardom without scandals. I was in the multinational‘s house. I was invited. The figure they mentioned to me was not okay for my stardom. That is just the issue. Thank God for the company. I love what they are doing. But I still feel I should be paid better. That was why I didn‘t do it. It is a beautiful idea. I love it. But you have to pay my bill. I have a negotiating power. But we are still in touch. We have other projects that we can do together. But for that particular project, I leave it for my younger boys. Let my children enjoy it. I pray they better know what they do with that money because they would be broke soon if they don‘t know what they are doing.

    Some people say you are

    very arrogant

    This is not arrogance. This is knowing who you are. When you know who you are, you know how to address your issues. I come to find out that many of my colleagues are not totally educated. They agree with whatever you say. That is just the problem. I know where I am coming from. A couple of my colleagues are working in oil companies today. Some are legislators. Some are in the government. If you know such people, you can‘t settle for less. People love to judge me by their own mindsets. I love it. My greatest strength is when I am underestimated. I don‘t flaunt myself at public functions. You don‘t tell me that because one governor is doing something, all of us have to be there. Why should I do that if I am not a party decoration or a balloon or ribbon? I should have a role to play if I am attending such an event? I can add to the nation. I have added to the nation and I can do more. I am not just a decoration. It is not about arrogance. It is about knowing who you are.

    Have you finally made up with your colleague, Jim Iyke?

    I never had a fight with Jim Iyke. That is one young boy I love so much. If he knows how much I love him, he will be fighting you people for all this. We don‘t have any stress. You do have misunderstandings with you own colleagues in the office. Because we are stars, our own is overblown. Jim is fine. I am going to give him a call very soon as his president. We are still friends. If I see him tomorrow, I will still say hi. One thing is this I am still his senior. In age, I am older. In the industry, I am still older. If that is settled, we are friends. There must be due process. We can‘t sideline something by doing gra gra or agidi. Jim and I are friends but statuesque must be maintained.

    Some of your colleagues record music albums, these days. Do you intend to do the same thing?

    It is laughable. It is very un-focused and very irritating of a diva or a star who has made name to get involved in such. If I must sing today, if I don‘t see Sony Records, then I am not singing. That means I have not hit the crest. My stardom is already higher than whatever recording company we have in Nigeria today. What do you want to sing that 9ice has not done better? Do you want to go on the same terrain with Tuface? What do I want to sing? Let us give that department to where it is due. Lets focus on other things. My music should be able to meet the standards that I have created with music. I ration things properly. I don‘t rush out.

    You are hardly seen at social functions

    My colleagues have bastardised it. A couple of us took it as a leeway to lack of jobs. It is because of such a nuisance that it came to a point when they were opening Tinapa and they were texting everybody to come and pick up tickets at the airport. I sent a reply to the person that they should send the tickets to my office if they were serious. You need to treat me properly. This is a star. This is not how it is done in Hollywood. A star might be wearing rags, but when he enters an event, it becomes a style. Maybe we have not defined stardom properly. We should learn to use stardom properly. You don‘t see a Sunny Ade at every function, do you?

    What do you hope to achieve in the nearest future?

    I want to have an AGN that has an address. I want an AGN that has a residential contact. I want an AGN that can fend for itself without running around to the government and stakeholders and individuals to assist them. I want an AGN with an autonomous chapters.

    But right now, you are not working from the secretariat

    Right now, the secretariat is under lock and key. For peace to reign, we are operating away from there. The other faction is not there either. But very soon, the logics will reign.

    Are you saying you will not step down for anybody?

    Step down for what? We need to have integrity. We lack men of integrity in AGN.

    SEE AS NIGERIAN ACTORS DEY FUCK UP......simple guild make them run...