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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Why do I even Bother??

Seriously, have you ever been in a situation where you find yourself asking the question ''Why do I even bother?" Lemme start the rant: Imagine that you are to open a domiciliary account in one of the so-called first generation banks in Nigeria(ooh yeah by the way, if u're going back home for summer, and need a new account, go straight to GTB, they are the most consistent of the bunch...personal op and proven fact...)

Anyhuu, they will ask you to get some signatories. Now imagine you are with your sister who happens to get all three in 5 minutes in the same banking hall....haba, u think?? Well that happened to me.Finally sha, I used my groundnut and thought to myself"why can't she help me out....sharpguy ness abi??
Next scenario, you are to go out on a date with this gorgeous chick, a person you have been watering your mouth all week to kiss/knack/wtever, and then your older brother sees her picture mistakenly and tells you "I used to hit that"....ouch right?
THe moral of this is to let y'all know that what ever it is you set your mind to yes you can(In the words of Mr. Obama...hehe), and take all that nonsense outta ur mouth...You bother because you actually want it...May you be as sharp as a pair of ironed secondary school "gator-ed" trousers...Have a wonderful week...Ols skool video of the week is Boys 2 men's DOING JUST FINE:


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