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Sunday, March 14, 2010

When 2 hearts beat as...Fool..You thought i would say one abi??

The first time I lost my virginity, I lost it in the most romantic way, and subsequently, I got my heart broken in the worst way by the same person !!
Yes ooh, guyz get their hearts broken and that is why that bros hasn't yet proposed to you.
Yes, You, the chick who is always bothering that guy to marry you, the one who is always asking for a commitment after going out for 2 months, introducing a guy you haven't dated for up to a year to ur parents....ehen you wan deny abi??
Time to deviate: I had this summer fling once lets call her Aysha. She had legs that once you look, you immediately start guessing what kinda panties she is wearing(real talk). Anyhow sha, my Pale(pops) used to work for her Pale and mehn, it was hate at first sight. She initially used to snub me, even when i tried to be friendly; You know naaw, you gats help ur pops. So, i went for the she don't exist routine, and lemme say that of all the times I have stupidly tried it out, that was the 1st time it ever worked on anyone.OOh, did I forget to mention that I was about 15 years old then??And she was bout 16. My bearbear(beard) had about 4 strands of hair that I guarded jealously, Heck, I once threatened to rain down theFire from Heaven on my younger brother for "allegedly'' touching them. You can't imagine this foolish girl's younger sister had the guts to pluck at them as if ehn? I vexed soo much. The next time around, Aysha herself was ready for me. The twat ignored me so much, but when I went to their private living room to ask her why, I saw her crying on the land fone(GSM never reash 9ja then). So, I decided to talk to her:
FOOLISH ME: Hey you what's wrong?AYSHA: Mind your business(as in eh, she roger me down no be small)FOOLISH ME, AGAIN: Erm, I am sure that as long as nobody died, what ever you are going through can't be that bad, unless you have terminal cancer shaAYSHA: Are you trying to be funny and cute? Didn't you hear me the first time?? Mind your business. I turned around as quickly as possible, muttered some hot yabs quietly and was about to leave when she told me to pls stay. AYSHA: Pls stay, actually the joke was kinda funny, but I wonder how guys can be so rude. Some one that I spent my valuable time on, kissed another girl and I let him back(P.S:remember that wen we were tenagers, kissing someone else is like u have knacked the entire ashewo squad at Zone 4) And the moron just told me on the phone that we are over.
She continued crying sha, and then her popsy burst in on us with me sitting close to his daughter, holding her in my scrawny arms(which had like half bicep, lol), and said:WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?? Surprisingly, Aysha told him exactly what happened and sha from there on, he ordered me to take care of his daughter.>>>>>>>>>>FAST FORWARD 1 MONTH LATER>>>>>>Myself and Aysha did a lotta stuff together, we went for parties together, went to church(Aysha na fine name even for Christian jor), I even helped her do her assignment. I wasn't surprised when I started tripping like a fowl. She also kinda started acting like a lady near me. Eventually, one boring Thursday, we played a game of truth or dare that led to the both of us being naked and sha, one thing led to another and BAM!!! Sharp-guy lost his you know what.
To be sincere, the first time was not what I expected esp. since she was the "pro". I hope I get a do-over sometime in the future....shit, my lappy battery is running low, I shall proceed to charge it(one of my stupid paddys talk say I dey blow tiaun for dis blog, shey na tru??)


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