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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

N 50 bux can make a difference...Shout out to Pepi...

Seriously, right now, I have about 20 pounds in my wallet. Normally I might not have complained about this, but I stupidly put a "Tenner" in the hat of a street musician. Now why am I being a grinch about this???Deviation time:
During summer, as I was driving towards Wuse Zone 5 from Wuse2, I passed the connecting bridge that leads thru wuse market...lemme post a pic for una:


Anyways, this young boy comes to the passenger door and taps the window.My friend Isaac looks at him with disdain and was about to shoo him away, when I gestured for the kid to come over to my side.The following conversation ensued:

Isaac: S-Guy, how much did you just give him?
Me: I gave him 100 bucks
Isaac: Why naah? Don't you know that when you do that, they'll only remember your face and keep expecting you to keep giving them...its a visious cycle
Me: Guy you stingy sha, shey no be you whey just blow 13geez on a bottle of perfum
Isaac: I worked hard and long for that money...

I can try to understand what My friend was telling me, but then the truth is that In most or all religions except for Satan worshipers, the act of giving is a noble act. As long as you give for the right reasons, the rewards are usually surprisingly pleasant.
For the morons who think that giving as little as 50 naira to a poor peasant kid, and you live off whatever fancy job, and drive a really nice car, I mean come-on, a ten pound note is equal to 2500 naira. Yes, I come from a wealthy family, yes I go for some summers in some nice places, but it doesn't mean I'll look down on people.
Enough of the spite...SHout out to my girl Pepi Olisa, who has been disturbing my good friend for something....COngratulations on your graduation...


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