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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

To The Popoola twins...

I seriously had to come out of my break to shout out to two of my favorite people...The Popoola Twins....They might behave like they don't give a rats arse about each other, but don't ever make them have to deal with you just because you messed with one of them. I remember back in high school, DamiLare purposely got into trouble because he heard that his twin brother Damilola was going to caned on the assembly hall...It was stupid, but awesome at the same time...i wished I had someone like that at that moment.... And I can remember some other times when they have had to collabo and they did it better than any other pair of twins i know. This shout-out goes out to 'em...........and how far with una sister naaw...(Na me book am


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